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Associated Labor Corporation launches "The Bottom Line" program


WOOD DALE, IL, January 2009 -- Companies forced to lay off employees in this tough economic time can still retain their most productive workers and dramatically reduce their expenses at the same time.  The program is called "The Bottom Line," launched by Associated Labor Corporation of America, a top labor placement firm in the Chicago area.   "The Bottom Line" allows companies to continue working with their trained and productive staff, while reducing employee benefits, and other overhead. 

"Given the state of the economy, many companies are going to downsize.   This will be devastating to employees, who will have to find new jobs," says Steven Feldman, co-owner of Associated Labor. "If companies need to reduce payroll, but want to stay productive, why not try and keep their workforce in place while saving on "The Bottom Line"?  It also keeps people getting a pay check at a time when jobs are hard to find." 

Feldman says Associated Labor Corporation will custom design a solution for each business absorbing some of the liability and significantly reducing their expenses. Companies will save money on employee benefits, such as health and disability insurance, matching retirement programs, pension plans, bonuses, vacation and sick pay, and other costs.  Associated Labor will handle all costs for worker's comp, federal and state unemployment taxes, and other fees such as payroll processing.

This can translate into company savings of thousands of dollars annually per employee.  For example, the average cost for health insurance alone for a single person is around $5,000 a year and for a family it runs an average of nearly $13,000.

"We also help manufacturing companies when they need to turn around a project quickly and they have full-time employees ready to go, but the parts don't arrive on time," Feldman adds. "Instead of paying salaries for idle time, companies can hire our temporary work force to do the job.  They can send them home until the parts arrive and then call them back to finish the work. This is much more efficient and a tremendous way to save on "The Bottom Line."

Associated Labor Corporation of America, headquartered in Wood Dale, Illinois, has earned its reputation as a highly regarded placement firm by addressing the unique needs of its clientele and striving to implement state-of-the-art cost-saving processes in each respective industry.  The firm fully understands that economic factors affect businesses in different ways, and has a system in place that can maximize the outcomes for employers.  Associated Labor adheres to a strict philosophy of best practices in helping companies alleviate mounting overhead and personnel concerns.

To find out more about the "The Bottom Line" program, visit us at, or call Steven or Barry Feldman at 630-595-8110.